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Are you sure? Try again, love. It’s naughtynialll, with three L’s.

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Thanks so much guys!

I’ve had so much fun on this blog, and such a heck of a time on this blog. I remember when I first started it, this blog is only about one or two years old and i’ve come so far honestly, I remember starting from the bottom with my writing but gradually got better and got more followers. I remember reaching my first thousand and being so damn proud. I honestly remember every single moment of being on this blog, no joke. This blog has done so much for me, more than you can even tell. it’s helped me laugh and smile when I was down. I’ve made so many friends who now have also left. I’ve had so much damn fun writing, you have no idea, i’m actually hoping to write as a future thing, like possibly do it as a living, but we’ll see how it goes. Anyways, i’m just saying, i’m so sorry for leaving this behind and leaving everything i’ve worked for and everything i’ve wanted behind, just like that. But honestly, 1D doesn’t interest me that much, i’m not constantly thinking about them nor do I really care anymore. I’ve kind of moved on, not from the boys but just this blog and tumblr in general. I still love the boys and stuff, but i’m just done. I’ll try my best to try and finish my fiction if I can and possibly come back and post it. But this is just to let you all know, i’m saying goodbye to you all and this blog. Thanks for everything, really. All my readers, fans, followers, friends. I’ll love and remember you all forever. xoxo -Tiffany

harry smashing cake in sandy’s face and then licking it off +


when you listen to 1d for the first time in awhile like





take comfort in the fact that if one direction was ever in a real life paranormal activity situation, that at least zayn malik would survive

zayn would be the only one holed up in the cabin going “naw I’m good thanks, no, I really don’t want to check out what’s making that noise outside, thanks”

zayn is a survivor

exhibit a) 



exhibit b)



exhibit c)



meanwhile harry and louis die first

March 13th, ‘14 x/x/x