Afraid Chapter 28

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Niall chuckles and cracks his knuckles. “I don’t usually get all touchy and shit..” he says, scratching the back of his head, furrowing his brows. “Just tell me. Com’on. You got to ask me, its my turn. And, you aren’t the type of guy to get all touchy, or even settle down to one girl. What made you choose me?” i squint at him curiously. He smirks. “Well, to be honest, you were just another shag.” he says. My grin fades, turning down a bit. “That sounded bad, fuck.” he mutters, running his hands through his hair, exhaling deeply. “that’s…that’s not- What i meant is-…you were just anther, one of those - girls.” he says, cleaning it up a bit. I nod, compressing my lips together. “But, after our-” he pauses, scared he’ll say something stupid again, “after our mate, the house was under attack. 9K men had saw that you were with me, and you had gotten shot. You got into this mess because of me, so that’s why i wanted- or had to take care of you and get you out of it safely.” Niall shrugs, “Once that happened, i was just gonna kick you out of my lick, throw you out of my life like garbage,” he says, the words slipping from his mouth like butter. “But..along the way, i just couldn’t, couldn’t come to let you go - just yet.” he sighs. 

I reach over, placing my hand on his cheek, rubbing it with my thumb. I smile at him affectionately. “Thanks…now i know.” i smile and lean in, kissing his cheek.


After breakfast with Niall, we got dressed and sat in the living room watching TV. We spent at least a good 2 hours just watching television. 

"Do you wanna go on a date?" Niall suddenly asks. "Date?" i say, crinkling my eyebrows together. "Well, i know i’m not the perfect boyfriend, but this time… i wanna be." he states. "I never got to take you out on a real date anyways, this would be good for us." he says, turning and smiling to me. I sigh, "Sure, if you want too." i smile. "Great." he says, standing up. He pulls me up, giving me a quick peck on the lips before jogging off to the room, "Get ready, no scrubs. I’m taking you somewhere nice, so try to look nice." he winks before walking into the room. I roll my eyes and walk into the bathroom, washing my face, teeth all over again and doing my make up. I lightly curl my hair, then walk out, seeing perfected Niall. 

Perfected Niall always intimidated me a bit. It made me wonder, how could someone so perfect and flawless love someone like me? Someone with so many flaws, and problems. I gulp down hard at the sight of him, biting my bottom lip. He was wearing a black polo, buttoned up all the way, black skinny jeans and some orange and denim shoes. His hair was coiffed up into a tall quiff. I smiled brightly at his handsomeness. “Wow.” i say, eyes getting big to emphasize the word. 

"Ya like? Do i look good?" Niall says insecurely  I knit my brows, "Are you kidding! You look phenomenal! Or should i say, phenomeniall?" i wink at him and laugh. He rolls his eyes playfully and laughs as wells, his adam’s apple bobbing as he chuckles lowly. I walk into the bedroom. Niall chases after me, hoping to get a show as i change. "Nope." i say, popping the ‘p’ of the word. He frowns and whines. I giggle and lock the door, stripping. I walk to my suit case, unzipping it. I hold my chin, thinking about what to wear. I put on 

and walk out, fluffy my hair a bit. I grab my purse and phone, bumping into Niall in the hallways. His hands instantly wrap around me, holding me close to him. “Hey gorgeous.” he smirks. I press my palms on his chests, creating some space between us. “Hi handsome.” i flirt right back at him. He chuckles and holds out a hand for me to take. I gladly do. “Such a gentleman.” i laugh and hold his hand tightly, tangling our fingers together. We walk out of the house together, hopping into his Range Rover.


We enter a club. A fancy club i should add. No one was drunk, as in nasty drunk. They were all clean cut, classy, but something about this place seemed dangerous. It was filled with rich men with women who used the men for their money. It was dim, all i could see were figures of tall skinny women, and big bulky men wearing suits. I clung onto Niall tightly. He held my waist protectively. “Don’t worry babe.” he whispered in my ear. I nod. I was just too tensed. I needed to relax. I shrugged my shoulders to loosen some tension. I inhaled deeply. Me and Niall got to the corner of the club, sitting down on the couch. Soon joined by a crowd of women. “Niall!” they all squealed. Niall shook his head at them, holding his hand up to stop them from tackling us right then and there. “Ladies, not now.” he says, “I’ve got company.” he says, gesturing to me. 

They all pout and whine. “Fine…” they all say in sync. They leave us alone. Minutes after, Niall turns over to me, pecking my cheeky playfully. I giggle and push him off. “So, want a drink?” he asks. I nod, “sure, why not.” he grins and orders us a drink. He yells towards the bartender. The bartender walks over to our little VIP area and sets the two bottles and one bottle of champagne on the coffee table in front of us. Niall pops the champagne bottle open, pouring me a drink and handing it over to me. I smile and take it, sipping on it. Niall takes a big gulp of his drink, putting his arm around my shoulder. “I’ve never been here before. Where are we?” i ask. “A secret club filled with only the best gangs in town. If your names not on the list, you can’t get in. But i come here often, and i’m well known, so people don’t really have to ask me.” he says cockily and smiles. “I see.” i say, biting my bottom lip.

I shift my body turning to Niall. I give him a serious look, making his cheeky grin fade, his face getting confused, but serious as well. “Something wrong?” He whispers to me. I swallow the hard lump in my throat. Niall places a hand on my leg, and starts rubbing my thigh. “Babe..?” he says softly. His hand was too distracting and made me forget what i was gonna ask him. I lean in, pressing my lips softly against his. He lets out a small whimper, shocked at my unexpected kiss. His other hand flies to my back, pulling my closer and deeper in to the kiss. It gets heated, and i finally remember what i had to ask him. I kiss him deeply, our tongues dancing and massaging one anothers, moaning into his mouth again and again, getting wetter each time his tongue was shoved down my throat. I pull away, panting and breathing heavily. 

"Do you ever think about getting a real…" i pant, "career?" i ask, looking down at my lap, before looking back up at him. Niall wipes his wet lips, and sits up straighter, looking down at me. "What do you mean real career?" he clears his throat. I shrug, "Maybe, you could, go to college, get education and maybe a job and one day-" "Woah, woah woah…look, Sam." he interrupts me, "Did you forget how dedicated i am to the Originals?" he says, raising his eyebrows at me. I nod, "I do! I totally understand why. But, Niall, all i want is the best for you, and i don’t think being the leader of a ga-” “Look.” Niall chuckles, interrupting me again, “You’re exactly like your father. Pressuring and forcing people into doing things they don’t want too.” he says, running his hands through his hair. His blue orbs meet mine, “I’m happy being in the Originals, Samantha. Thats what i want, i choose. You can’t take it away from me.” “But Niall, this won’t last forever-” “It will if they have me!” Niall says a bit too loudly. “But, with you in it, you’re in danger, 24/7! I can’t live on knowing that! And, you’d be in jail, and you’d be violent…” i ramble, holding my head in my hands. Niall rubs my back, lifting my chin up for us to face each other. “Look, Samantha i know you care for me, but, don’t. Ok? I’ll be fine.” he smiles weakly, “as long as we’ve got each other, then everything’s alright.” he says, leaning in and kissing my forehead. “I’ll protect you, no matter what.” he whispers. I cling to his chest as he hugs me tightly, embraced into his chest. I fist his shirt. “But, I want to protect you too.”

"Niall?" says a female voice. 

Me and Niall break, but our arms still wrapped tightly around each other. A beautiful blonde, with some dark lights and high lights. She holds her clutch in her hand, smiling sweetly at Niall. I furrow my brows and turn over to Niall. He’s speechless. 

He isn’t happy, or unhappy. He’s…shocked? “Ni..” i whisper to wake him up. “Kaylina.” he chokes out. I turn my gaze back to Kaylina, apparently  “Hi.” she gives him a little wave and smiles warmly. She finally meets my gaze. “I’m Kaylina.” “Samantha.” i reply politely. Niall unwraps his arm from me, gaining a great amount of space between us now. He stiffens, knowing he’s nervous. “Would you like to…join us?” Niall stammers. Kaylina’s smile grows wider. “I’d love too.” she says, before taking the other seat besides Niall. I wrap a hand around Nialls forehead, stroking it a bit. “What are you doing here?” Niall asks Kaylina, his eyes focused on her and only her. She gulps and presses her lips together before looking up at Niall. “I’ve..come back,” she says cautiously, “for-“

I pull away, biting my tongue and gripping my sweaty palms. “I…i think i need some air.” i interrupt her, voice shaking. I stand up. Niall shoots up as well, “I’ll come with you.” he says protectively. I shake my head, putting my hand on his shoulder, pushing him to sit back down. “You’ve got a bit of catching up to do, and it seems like i’m not needed right now so..” i say, grabbing my clutch. “I’ll be heading out first.”

"Samantha-" "Bye Niall." i say casually. I leave the VIP area. I push past the people, not caring who they are, even if they were high standard and well known, or respected. I bump into a hard figure, "Ow!" i say, a bit disrespectfully. The big figure glares down at me. I stare eye level with his shirt, because he was so tall. I had just bumped into him, which caused him to spill his drink all over his shirt. I look up, worried. "I’m soooo sorry!" I apologize. I start trying to rub it off with the palm of my hands, only making it worse. "Get off me!" the man yells. "Get her out of here!" He commands. Soon, piles of men walk towards me. One of them grabs me by the wrist, another one grabbing my other wrist. I try to wiggle out of their grasps, but it’s useless. I turn my head over my shoulder, looking towards the VIP area, eyes searching for Niall. "Niall!" i scream, "Niall!!!!!!!!" i shout at the top of my lungs. As i struggle to get out of their grips, i notice both of their wrists are tattooed with "9K" in fancy font. 

"Wait!" a female voice commands. "Put her down, now!" she hisses at the men. They do so. It was her, the women i had met at the 9K party. What was her name again…Kelly? Kelly walks towards me, putting her hand on my back, glaring at the man. "Kelly, what in the hell are you doing?" says the big bulky man, the one who had spilt the drink. "Jack, this is so foolish of you! It was an accident!" Kelly says angrily. Kelly gives Jack a evil glare. He rolls his eyes. "Fine. We’ll let her go." Jack agrees. Kelly turns her gaze to me, stroking my back. "Sorry honey, hope you’re okay. Didn’t mean to cause such a ruckus " she shrugs, chuckling a bit. Her face somehow looks familiar, too familiar. "Do..i know you?" i ask. She furrows her brows down at me, "I’m sorry?" "I think i know you…" i say, thinking hard. "Kelly, right?" i say, she nods. "I think i know you more than just’re face, it looks.." "Looks…???" Kelly questions, waiting for me to answer. I look up from the ground, my eyes growing wide. I open my bag, grabbing my wallet and pulling out a picture. I hold it up to Kelly’s face. "Oh. My. God." I stutter. I gulp and my lips start to tremble. "You’re…you…" i stammer, not being able to finish the sentence. I drop the photo onto the ground.

"What is it?" Kelly says, totally confused. She bends down, grabbing the small dropped picture. Her eyes get big, her jaw dropping. She overlaps her mouth with her hand. She looks up at me, then the picture, and back up at me. "Samantha..??" Kelly says, stunned

"Who are you?" i say, voice shaky. "Why…" i shake my head, tears almost escaping, squeezing my eyes to hold them back, only to have them fall down my cheeks. "Why do you look like my mother!?" I say a bit too loudly.

I couldn’t help it. She looked like my mother, but it couldn’t be because…my mother died..right?

"Samantha..Samantha, Lockwood? Please don’t say your a Lockwood." Kelly says, eyes getting glassy. I nod. Kelly closes her eyes, breathing heavily. "I thought i had lost you forever Samantha.." Kelly says, suddenly pulling me into a hug. "Who…are you..?" i repeat once again, now breaking down into tears. She reminded me too much of my mother. 

"Let me take you to my place. We’ll talk about this." Kelly says, dragging me outside, the men following us close behind.

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